Introducing the Resonance Golf Collection, a selection of 12 exceptional golf facilities and charming hotels situated in France's most alluring and culturally vibrant regions. Nestled in breathtaking natural landscapes, Resonance golf destinations offer the purest golfing experiences, invigorating fresh air, and precious moments with fellow golfers, enhancing deep-rooted emotions and well-being.

The Resonance Golf Collection in France is a prestigious and unparalleled ensemble of golf courses that beckon avid golfers from around the world to experience the sport amidst some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. Nestled in various regions of France, each course within this exclusive collection boasts its distinct charm and allure. From the captivating courses etched into the picturesque countryside to those embraced by coastal elegance, the Resonance Golf Collection promises an unforgettable journey for golf enthusiasts. Designed by renowned architects and meticulously crafted to harmonize with the natural surroundings, these courses offer challenging play and an immersive experience with the rich cultural heritage and stunning beauty of France. Whether you seek tranquility amidst olive groves and lavender fields or desire to tee off amidst maritime pine trees, the Resonance Golf Collection promises an extraordinary golfing adventure that resonates with the essence of France.

French Riveria

Cote D'Azur

Beyond golf, many leisure and lifestyle experiences are available to entice both golfers and non-golfers alike, offering quality time and a chance to reconnect with golf's natural environment.

Discover these captivating destinations and take advantage of our preferential rates throughout the year.

Northern Coast: Le Touquet Golf Resort + Golf d’Hardelot
Paris: Golf des Yvelines + Golf d’Ormesson + Golf Paris Val d’Europe
Landes Coast: Golf de Seignosse
French Riviera: Opio-Valbonne Golf Resort + Golf de la Grande Bastide + Golf de Roquebrune
Provence: Golf de Servanes + Golf Bastide de la Salette + Golf Sainte Baume

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